Here I introduce you to Danny Gruff and the Peacemakers. The band is formed by Danny Gruff(Vocals/Acoustic), Jimi Kehlenbeck(Rhythm Guitar), Nige Evans(Lead Guitar/Backing Vox), Sam Jones(Bass Guitar/Backing Vox), Adam Valentine(Drums) and they are from Wrexham, Wales. They've recently released their debut EP, Friends/Love/Drink, and all I can say is pure folk/rock magic! :) It's a 4 track EP and I've had the chance to listen to them and I loved it. My favourite track is Wanderlust! Danny's vocals sound amazing, the song has a a smooth melody that make us jump in the story Danny sings. There's nothing to fault on this song, it's a pure gem! :) Passing Cars is another personal favourite, "folkier" than Wanderlust, the guitars and the rhythm together with Danny's voice is just flawless :) Drink Drink Drink is the "party-song" of the EP, a perfect song to listen while having a pint with friends at the local pub! It even has a Susan Boyle reference! I hope one day we can have a drink and a kebab!:) I can say I'm not the biggest fan of folk music but this EP has won me over, big time!! Have a listen below to these songs and I hope you love them as much as I did! And one thing that still surprises me is that they're still unsigned!! Record labels wake up!!!